Gavyamart Vision


At Gavyamart our vision is to bring the best of Indian tradition in front of the entire world. We want to highlight all the amazing benefits of using Organic cow products

We intend to be admired for our people, partners, and products globally. Gavyamart targets to launch a customer friendly environment and symbolize our culture worldwide.

We aim to represent India at the international level. Our mission is to bring forth our precious knowledge of science and ayurved and introduce it to the eastern countries and around the globe. We target to set new standards and plant ideas to discover opportunities overseas.

Gavyamart is all about re-growing these rich lost roots of Indian culture into the modern environment. It will be done by Reestablish mother cow to our homes.


Being a customer friendly company with 100% customer satisfaction

To embark creativity in our products

Encourage our customers to buy real cow products

Functioning with honesty, integrity and sincerity and follow business standards

Creating a work-friendly environment for our staff, suppliers, and customers thus promoting oneness and encouraging self-development.

A small town men with a vision

A man with vision, mission and ignition Mr. Ravindra Singh Shekhawat and Mr. Vishnu kumar chaudhary is a small-town man with big dreams. And true to his dreams, he is progressing well in this path. His dream child, Gavyamart, is an attempt towards connecting mankind more irrevocably with Gomata.