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Jain Mariyadit Ghee for Arthritis- The Genuine, Reliable Alternative

Kankrej Cow Jain Mariyadit Ghee for Arthritis

Celeb nutritionists call it the liquid gold; a nutrition profile that speaks for itself – no wonder ghee is the superfood that everyone is raving about. Research has shown that ghee is filled with healthy fats that provides healthy calories, aids the digestive system and strengthens our immunity. It is the source of essential vitamins like A and E and is anti-inflammatory. Ghee is also a rich source of vitamin K which helps in calcium absorption and thus, strengthens bones. No wonder, experts recommend including a teaspoon of ghee in your daily diet when you have arthritis. It lubricates the joints, reduces joint pain, and reduces inflammation and stiffness.

But not all ghees available in the market are the same and it is not beneficial to over indulge in it. To harness all the benefits that come with consumption of ghee you need to source Jain Mariyadit Ghee.

Kankrej Cow Ghee for Arthritis

Kankrej Cow Ghee is made from the milk of Kankrej cows which is one of the purest breeds of cattle in India. They are found in the southeast part of the Rann of Kutch. They are native in the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. They are highly prized cattle not only for being fast and powerful but also because of their milk. This high-quality milk is used to produce ghee which is packed with nutrition and aids in a variety of health concerns including arthritis.

Jain Mariyadit Ghee for Arthritis

Jain Mariyadit Ghee is exclusively made from Kankrej cow milk. For those suffering from arthritis, it is an ideal choice as it has a high nutritional value.

What is Jain Mariyadit Ghee?

Kankrej cows are grass-fed and they feed on chemical free pasture lands. This helps them to produce high-quality milk which is termed as A2. This type of milk is packed with more calcium and protein making it easily digestible when compared to regular milk.

Jain Mariyadit Ghee is made from this A2 milk. This way the ghee has a high nutritional value and is packed with vitamins A, D and K. It also has high amounts of phosphorus and potassium along with calcium.

You can now buy Jain Mariyadit Ghee online with ease from Gavyamart, the original seller of A2 cow milk ghee.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Jain Mariyadit Ghee?

Source of healthy fats

It is a source of healthy fats which increases the body’s metabolism. This helps the body to burn fat and thus aids in weight loss.

Source of vitamins

Jain Mariyadit ghee is a reliable source of vitamins like A, E and K. While vitamins A and E promote healthy liver and hormonal functions in our body, vitamin K is necessary for calcium absorption. This way ghee consumption gives us healthy skin and strong bones. It helps to prevent tooth decay and atherosclerosis.

Gut friendly

Jain Mariyadit Ghee reduces chances of ulcers. It is also a good choice for those who are lactose intolerant as it is lactose-free. 

Is It Okay To Take Jain Mariyadit Ghee?

It is perfectly normal to include a teaspoon of ghee in your daily food. Given all the benefits, it will help you if you have osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Most of us lead a sedentary life these days and often over indulge in junk foods. All of these leads to having various health concerns of which arthritis is a major issue. Experts continue to recommend a balanced diet including ghee as an impactful measure to counteract these issues.


As stated at the beginning of this article, not all ghees in the market are the same. Unscrupulous traders may sell you butter oil as ghee, consumption of which can lead to further health problems.

Jain Mariyadit Ghee is a great option for anyone who wants to harness the benefits of ghee consumption. Gavyamart Jain Mariyadit Kankrej Cow Ghrit was built on the philosophy of "Shuchita and Non-Violence" based on the tenets of Jainism. This is the real deal.

So, buy Jain Mariyadit Ghee online today and start enjoying the benefits of this liquid gold. For any of your queries contact us today at or +91-7073667733/+91-7424846633.

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