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Jain Mariyadit ghee

Jain Mariyadit ghee

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"Gavyamart Jain Mariyadit Kankrej Cow Ghrit" was built on the philosophy of "Shuchita and Non-Violence" of the Jainism and milk of Indian Kankrej Cow found in rajasthan and Gujrat.

"Jain Mariyadit Ghrit " made from the perfect match of purity and tradition is not only good for followers of Jain philosophy, but also for the health of all Indians. Jain Mariyadit method is actually pure Ayurvedic method.

For making this type ofghee  we boil 28-30 litres of pure a2 milk only in Mitti Handiya (Earthen Vessel) for 8-10 hours on low flame of gobar fire. this milk then cultured with silver bar (Chandi ki eat). we make curd from whole milk. Then churn it to separate makhan from it and then boil it to get Ghee.

This is called whole milk ghee and it is the costliest but has all medicinal properties of Desi cow’s milk. we are follow all jain maryada for making this ghee like calf feeding properly,

We use RO water for churning, Churning done in early morning (Bramha muhrat only) So this method is expensive. This ghee have a totally different test from all other ghee

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about Jain Mariyadit Kankrej Cow Ghee?

This ghee is unique due to its adherence to Jain principles of purity and non-violence. It is made from the milk of Indian Kankrej Cow found in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

What makes the production process of this ghee special?

The ghee is produced using a traditional Ayurvedic method. The milk is boiled in Mitti Handiya (Earthen Vessel) for 8-10 hours over a low flame of gobar fire, ensuring a slow and meticulous process.

Why this ghee is expensive?

The method involves a meticulous and time-consuming process, including using Mitti Handiya, culturing with silver, and adherence to specific timings. These factors contribute to the higher cost of production.