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Amla Candy Chatpata(350gm) + Amla Candy Sweet (350g)

Amla Candy Chatpata(350gm) + Amla Candy Sweet (350g)

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Amla Candy Chatpata:-

Amla Candy Chatpata is a type of candy made from Indian gooseberries, commonly known as amla. These candies have a tangy and slightly spicy flavor due to the addition of various spices and seasonings such as salt, black pepper, and chili powder. They are usually made by drying slices of amla and coating them with a mixture of these spices, creating a unique sweet, sour, and savory taste. Amla Candy Chatpata is popular for its distinct flavor and is enjoyed as a snack in many parts of India.

 Amla Candy Sweet:-

Amla candy sweet is a tasty treat made from Indian gooseberries, also known as amla. These fruits are known for their sour taste and high vitamin C content. To make amla candy, the fruit is typically soaked in a sweet syrup or honey mixture, then dried until it becomes chewy and candy-like. Amla candy is not only delicious but also believed to have various health benefits due to the nutrients present in amla, such as antioxidants and vitamin C. It's a popular snack in India and other parts of the world, enjoyed by both children and adults.

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