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Oral Hygiene (Amrut Dhara)

Oral Hygiene (Amrut Dhara)

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Gavyamart Amrut Dhara (Oral Hygiene) is a herbal medicine for stomach pain and headache.

It is beneficial for headache, tooth ache, ear diseases, nose bleeding, injuries, cough, indigestion and dyspepsia. During headache, take 3-4 drops and massage gently. Also take 1-2 drops and smell, which would immediate give relief from headache.

During tooth-ache, take a few drops in cotton and apply on the painful tooth. In stomach ache, gastric trouble, swelling due to gas and asthma problem, take 3-4 drops of the medicine in hot water, batasha (patasa) or candy. In asthma or respiratory problem, sniff the oil and apply on the chest, which gives spontaneous relief.

What does it do?

  • Cure acute headache when applied to forehead.
  • Cure acute abdominal pain if take orally with water.
  • Can apply on painful tooth.

 What make it so good?

  • It’s a very good medicine everyone should store In their pocket.
  • You can apply it for relive of pain , Can be used for cold and cough
  • You can take orally for gastric trouble or stomach ache.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pathmeda Amrut Dhara (Oral Hygiene)?

Pathmeda Amrut Dhara (Oral Hygiene) is a herbal medicine that can help with many different health problems. It's good for things like headaches, toothaches, stomach pain, and issues with breathing. People find it helpful for various situations because it has different uses.

How should I use Pathmeda Amrut Dhara for a headache?

Apply 3-4 drops to your forehead and gently massage. Additionally, you can inhale 1-2 drops for quick relief from headaches.