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Gavyamart Bhadwa Ghee

Gavyamart Bhadwa Ghee

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This year Bhadrapada month will be from 30 August to 29 September 2023.

Delivery of Bhadwa Ghee will start from 5 September 2023.

Pre Book Now- Limited Stock available now.

As you know, according to the seasons, there is a slight difference in the ghee of the cow but it always remains good whether it is of Bhadwe or remaining whole year.  Some people make it in the wrong way because of all the games of naturalness and how natural you can keep. 

When Bhadrapada month comes, the grass gets ripe and it is actually a very rare medicine. Among these, Dhaman is very sweet to cows, is a clean, strong fodder grown then it is strong fields. Sevna is another grass that is in the form of bunches. Similarly, the knot is also a solid stand. Murat, Bhurat, Baker, Kanti, Gramna, Makhani, Kuri, Jharnia, Sanawari, Chidki's field, Hade's field, Lump, etc., vegetation starts ripening these days.


When two Shukla Paksha passes on these herbs, then the nectar of the moon gets absorbed in them. Surprisingly their quality increases a lot. After walking for at least 2 KM, the roaming cows graze them, come and sit in the evening. Rugs all night and Converts feeds juice into milk. This milk is also very beneficial. When the curd made from it is churned, it turns yellowish after that by heating the collected butter and made Gee and This is called #Bhadve_Ka_Ghee.


It has extreme yellowness. As soon as the lid is opened, its intoxicating fragrance starts floating in the air. That's all....besides raising the dead to life, it can do everything! If there is more then eat, if there is less then keep it in the nose, - rub it on the face. - Put it in your hair. - Put it into milk and drink it. - You can have it with vegetables or churma. If you are elderly, then massage on the knees and soles. Do not add anything separately to it. The best essence of all medicines has arrived!! You can do Havan, Dev Puja and Shradh with this ghee, the whole environment, gods and ancestors are satisfied.


Once upon a time this ghee was prevalent in the whole of Marwar. The Vishnoi woman who consumed it would grab the back leg of the bull and he could not even move anywhere. It has so much power that even the torso kept fighting even after the head was cut.


There was a market of ghee in #Gunga village of Barmer district. There the extra ghee of the whole desert used to come to be sold, the work of which was being transported by Badiya Bhat. He used to smear a drop of ghee on his tax surface and test it by smelling it. It was collected in pots or in huge jars made of horse skin called "dabi". The quality of Ghee would have been enhanced if the cow itself grazed in Gauchar on foot, drank water from the pond, which is rich in Vitamin D and was cooked in earthen pots.


Therefore, it is necessary that the Ghrita of this month should be prepared daily by the Vedic method in the milk of a cow walking for at least 5 kilometers in the forest or transit, either at home or from a trusted person, so that its properties can be fully benefited. It can be obtained and if it is to be preserved for many years to make medicine, then it is more necessary to be pure and made in the month of Bhadwe. This was the reason that Govala's used to get a good price for this month's ghee or say that this month is the month of Diwali for him and his cow, which he looks for throughout the year.


The same cows, the same Bhadwa and the same grass are there but Knowing this great secret, If all you know and take wrong ghee then whose fault? Those who are consuming this nectar are certainly fortunate. If the ghee is pure, then at whatever price you get it, definitely take it. But If ghee of Bhadwe is not available, then take cow urine. It is also beneficial. This ghee is available only in the month of Bhadwe, so you guys should book it as soon as possible. 

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