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Cow Dung Havan Cups | Panchagavya Sambrani Cup

Cow Dung Havan Cups | Panchagavya Sambrani Cup

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WHY BUY Gavyamart Havan Cups ? Gavyamart supports women’s empowerment by providing them a livelihood and cares for the environment by recycling and crafting cow dung waste into fragrant products leaving no carbon footprint on the planet. These organic havan cups are crafted with cow dung and Natural Herbs.

Ready-to-use Sambrani Havan Cups for home from Gavyamart.

Made up of:  This Sambrani cup with good aroma is made from Desi cow dung ,A2 Ghee, Guggul, Kapoor and Much More , has many benefits to burn every day.

Fragrance: Traditional, Devotional, Natural, Long-lasting havan cow dung cups for home office and pooja.

Burning Time: These big size havan cups burn for 15+ minutes and fill your abode with their divine aroma.

These dhoop cups offer many benefits similar to those of performing the Agnihotra Yagna ritual.Helps you create an aesthetic and spiritual environment around you. Experience a traditional cleansing ritual with our Cow Dung Panchgavya Sambrani Havan Cups. Made from a special blend of desi cow dung and natural herbs, these cups are free from harmful chemicals. Each cup contains sandalwood, guggul, sambrani dhoop, bhimseni kapoor, and ayurvedic jadibutiyan for a purifying and aromatic experience. Enjoy the benefits of this ancient practice with 12 cups per pack.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Gavyamart Havan Cups made from?

Gavyamart Havan Cups are made using cow dung and natural herbs. The ingredients include Desi cow dung, A2 Ghee, Guggul, Kapoor, and more.

How long these havan cups burn?

These havan cups burn for 15+ minutes and fill your abode with their divine aroma.

Are Gavyamart Havan Cups chemical-free?

Yes, Gavyamart Havan Cups are free from chemicals