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Gavyamart A2 Bilona Ghee

Gavyamart A2 Bilona Ghee

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Buy Kankrej Cow A2 Bilona Ghee

Gavyamart Pure Bilona Desi Cow Ghee is form the method used in previous yugas, is to make curd from whole milk. Then churn it to separate makhan from it and then boil it to get Ghee. This is called whole milk ghee and it is the costliest but has all medicinal properties of Desi cow’s milk. To manufacture 1 kg of such ghee, it takes approximate 35 liters of Desi cow milk. The only bi product is chaas (no milk is left as it is converted into curd). So this method is expensive.


Health Benefits and Uses:

Increases the digestion and absorption of nutrients.
Increases one’s energy, vitality and immunity (Ojas).
Detoxifies the body (widely used in cleansing therapies).
Used for cellular rejuvenation.
Powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
Heals the intestinal wall.
Reduces Pitta and Vata dosha.
Strengthens and nourishes the brain and nervous system.
Enhances the health properties of herbs when taken together.
Healthy alternative to butter and oil and can be added to any dish.

Contraindications: Ghee is not recommended for individuals with a strong Kapha imbalance such as high cholesterol or obesity. In general, it is not recommended to consume more than 3 tsp (1 Tbsp) daily for all body types unless otherwise stated.

General Directions: Desi Cow Ghee can be added to any dish to enhance digestion and absorption of nutrients. Add 1 tsp to each meal or use ghee in replacement of butter or oil in a recipe.

Key Features of Bilona Ghee:

Boosts digestion: According to Ayurveda expert, Dr. Ashutosh Gautam, "Ghee is one of the most easily digestible fats used for cooking. Ghee is a natural remedy for balancing the heat element (pitta) of the body. It aids in digestion, prevents constipation and helps in the excretion of toxins.

Helps in weight loss: Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar sets this myth straight by calling desi ghee the 'fat that makes you thin'. In her book, 'Don't Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight', she explains that the type of saturated fat that Desi Ghee has is the short-chain-fatty acid. This helps to burn the stubborn fat in the body while regulating your metabolism.

High smoke point: The smoke point is the temperature at which an oil begins to burn and smoke. Not only does heating a cooking fat above its smoke point put it at a greater risk of hitting its flash point and causing a fire, but it also breaks down important phytonutrients and causes the fat to oxidize and form harmful free radicals.  Desi ghee has a high heat point which means that it doesn't burn easily while other oils may break down and release free radicals when heated at high temperatures. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause damage to your cells and also increase the risk of disease. Moreover, Indian cooking requires a lot of sauteing and therefore, it is better to use desi ghee which won't breakdown easily.

Balances your hormones: According to Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Health Practitioner, Shilpa Arora, "The fat content in our body is mostly saturated fat and only 3% coming from other types. This ratio is absolutely important to know for our health and well-being. This prestigious golden elixir is rich in Vitamin K2 which builds hormones along with Vitamin A, D, E & K."

Strengthens immunity and helps in bone development: As kids, we were given a spoonful of desi ghee daily to boost our immunity and make our bones strong. Desi ghee acts as a strong microbial, anti-cancer and antiviral agent. It is a rich source of fat soluble vitamins that help in growth and development of the bones. 

Good for your heart: Vitamin K2 found in desi ghee helps in preventing calcium deposits in the arteries that can lead to blockages and obstruct blood flow. It lowers bad cholesterol levels and increases good cholesterol levels, thus maintaining a healthy balance.

Packed with Fat-Soluble Vitamins: Adding a few servings of ghee into your day is an excellent way to squeeze in some extra fat-soluble vitamins. Ghee can help boost your intake of vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin K, all important nutrients that play a role in everything from maintaining healthy vision to keeping your skin glowing.

Free of Lactose and Casein: One of the best ghee benefits is that it’s free of lactose and casein protein. Some individuals have a milk allergy, which may stem from a heightened sensitivity to casein, and others may be hypersensitive to lactose. For individuals with a casein allergy, the reaction may include swelling of lips, mouth, tongue, face or throat; hives; or congestion. People who are suffering from lactose sensitivity can use Bilona ghee which can meet your daily need.

Contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid: Ghee is jam-packed with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fatty acid associated with a long list of health benefits. Some studies have found that CLA may be effective in reducing body fat, preventing cancer formation, alleviating inflammation and even lowering blood pressure. Keep in mind that grass-fed dairy provides a higher concentration of this important fatty acid.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the traditional method used to produce A2 bilona desi cow ghee?

Gavyamart Pure Bilona Desi Cow Ghee is crafted using the traditional method of curd formation from whole milk, followed by churning to separate makhan, and finally boiling to obtain Ghee. This is called whole milk ghee.

What are the key features of A2 bilona desi cow ghee?

GavyaMart Bilona Ghee boasts several key features including Boosts digestion, Helps in weight loss, High smoke point, Balances your hormones, Good for your heart And is Packed with Fat-Soluble Vitamins.

Why A2 bilona ghee is different from other types of ghee available in the market?

GavyaMart Bilona Ghee stands out for its unique production method, following ancient traditions of curd formation from whole milk. This process retains all the medicinal properties of Desi cow's milk, making it a distinctive choice compared to conventional ghee.

Where can I purchase authentic A2 Bilona Ghee?

A2 bilona ghee can be purchased from,, Jio, and our official website

Can I trust the purity of A2 Bilona Ghee compared to other ghee brands?

Of course! Our A2 bilona ghee is free from preservatives, and impurities. We prioritize purity through every step of production, make sure that our customer get a premium and best quality product.

How to check the purity of A2 desi cow ghee at home?

Visual Inspection: Pure ghee typically has a rich golden-yellow color and a slightly granular texture. It should be free from any impurities, sediments, or discoloration. If the ghee appears too white or has any unusual coloration, it may indicate adulteration. Pan test : Place a teaspoon of ghee in a heated pan and allow it to melt. Pure ghee will begin to melt instantly and develop a dark brown color as it heats up. If the ghee takes longer to melt and maintains a yellow color, it may indicate adulteration.