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Gavyamart Gomutra Ark (500 ml) | Kankrej Cow Gaumutra Ark - 500 Millilitre

Gavyamart Gomutra Ark (500 ml) | Kankrej Cow Gaumutra Ark - 500 Millilitre

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Go-Mutra Ark is a distilled and purified medicinal tonic that has all the goodness of Gomutra or Cow Urine. As a gift of kamdhenu Gomatais its ability to balance the three doshas (Vaat, pitta and cafa). It boosts the immune system, serves as a complete detoxifier, and as a health promoting anti-oxidant.


What dose it do?

  • Gavyamart Gomutra ark reduces fat and lowers cholesterol levels. It strengthens heart & brain, protect from strokes and other major diseases.
  • Useful in general debility obesity, Vaat rog, Abdominal diseases, Skin diseases, Asthma & cough.
  • Gomutra Ark is useful in ll type of vata and kapha disease. It boosts your immune system. Acts as anti-toxin and helps you detoxify your body system for instance long term drug dependence etc.
  • Repairs and regenerates damaged cells and tissues. Anti-bacterial in nature.

How to use

  • Dilute 5 ml ark with 200 ml water in the morning & evening twice a day (Empty stomach in the morning and at night before you go off to sleep)
  • You can use 10 ml of Gomutra Ark (2 tea spoon) with 10 gm of Honey (1 tea spoon) or with 25 ml of plain water
  • Take Gavyamart Gomutra in a liter water and then dip fruits and vegetables for 15 minutes to wash off the chemicals and pesticides.


What Make it so good

  • As Nandanvan goshala is world’s best goshala having Kankrej cows only. they are making gomutra ark from Indian breed Kankrej cow only and also use healthy cows Urine for making ark.
  • We having the largest Gomutra refinery in india to produce best quality ark and our production team having experience more then 10 year.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gomutra Ark?

Gomutra Ark is a special health tonic made from the urine of a specific type of cow called Kankrej, which is found in India.. It is believed to have health benefits such as balancing doshas, boosting the immune system, acting as a detoxifier, and promoting overall well-being.

How does Gomutra Ark work?

Gomutra Ark is thought to balance the three doshas (Vaat, pitta, and kapha) in the body. It makes the heart and brain stronger, helps to reduce fat and lower cholesterol, works like an antioxidant, and fights against bacteria.

How to consume gomutra ark?

Dilute 5 ml of Gomutra Ark with 200 ml of water in the morning and evening, twice a day, on an empty stomach.It can be taken with honey or plain water.It can also be used to wash off the chemicals and pesticides from Fruits and vegetables by diluting it in water.