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Gavyamart Gomutra Ark (500 ml) | Kankrej Cow Gaumutra Ark - 500 Millilitre

Gavyamart Gomutra Ark (500 ml) | Kankrej Cow Gaumutra Ark - 500 Millilitre

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Go-Mutra Ark is a distilled and purified medicinal tonic that has all the goodness of Gomutra or Cow Urine. As a gift of kamdhenu Gomatais its ability to balance the three doshas (Vaat, pitta and cafa). It boosts the immune system, serves as a complete detoxifier, and as a health promoting anti-oxidant.


What dose it do

  • Gavyamart Gomutra ark reduces fat and lowers cholesterol levels. It strengthens heart & brain, protect from strokes and other major diseases.
  • Useful in general debility obesity, Vaat rog, Abdominal diseases, Skin diseases, Asthma & cough.
  • Gomutra Ark is useful in ll type of vata and kapha disease. It boosts your immune system. Acts as anti-toxin and helps you detoxify your body system for instance long term drug dependence etc.
  • Repairs and regenerates damaged cells and tissues. Anti-bacterial in nature.

How to use

  • Dilute 5 ml ark with 200 ml water in the morning & evening twice a day (Empty stomach in the morning and at night before you go off to sleep)
  • You can use 10 ml of Gomutra Ark (2 tea spoon) with 10 gm of Honey (1 tea spoon) or with 25 ml of plain water
  • Take Gavyamart Gomutra in a liter water and then dip fruits and vegetables for 15 minutes to wash off the chemicals and pesticides.


What Make it so good

  • As Nandanvan goshala is world’s best goshala having Kankrej cows only. they are making gomutra ark from Indian breed Kankrej cow only and also use healthy cows Urine for making ark.
  • We having the largest Gomutra refinery in india to produce best quality ark and our production team having experience more then 10 year.
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