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Organic pure wild forest honey Raw and Unprocessed

Organic pure wild forest honey Raw and Unprocessed

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Honey is a sweet edible food item that is prepared by honey bees or rather the bees that are stingless. The sweetness of honey comes from the monosaccharides fructose and glucose that is present in it. 

Honey can be collected from the beehives where the honey bees store it in wax like structures that are also known as honeycombs. It is made when the bees travel from different flowers and collect the nectar from them. (Nectar is the sweet fluid that is carried inside of the flowers and this is what adds to the sweetness of the honey which is collected in the beehive.)

Honey is as sweet as normal sugar, the difference between the two is just that honey is not harmful to human health. 

Infact, as per the beliefs of the Hindu Dharma, Honey is said to be the purest of all the different forms of sugar that are available. It can be used with any kind of edible item


Wild Forest Honey is collected by bees from trees from the core of the forests. It is collected by bees from rare herbs and wild flora found only in deep forests. Honey acts a natural medicine for coughs, digestion, insomnia and respiratory diseases as well. Wild forest honey not comes from any specific nectar but its sum of all available flower nectar. Raw honey is only strained before it's bottled, which means it retains most of the beneficial nutrients and antioxidants that it naturally contains.

Conversely, regular honey may undergo a variety of processing, which may remove beneficial nutrients like pollen and reduce its level of antioxidants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is wild forest honey?

Wild Forest Honey is collected by bees from trees from the core of the forests. Honey bees collect nectar from numerous honeydew and wildflowers from the hills and forest resulting in Wild Forest Honey.

What are the benefits of wild forest honey?

• Builds immunity. • Rich in antioxidants. • Boosts energy. • Helps in weight management. • Keeps heart healthy.

What type of honey is the healthiest?

When choosing between raw honey and regular honey, go for raw honey. It is a better for health, taste, bees and the environment.