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Gavyamart Acacia Honey Raw and Unprocessed

Gavyamart Acacia Honey Raw and Unprocessed

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Acacia honey is derived from the nectar of the Robinia pseudoacacia flower. It has a light, almost transparent color and stays liquid for longer, prolonging its shelf life. Acacia honey may aid wound healing, improve acne, and offer additional benefits due to its powerful antioxidants. 

Our Acacia honey is Monofloral, Single Origin honey. It is a type of honey where the nectar is predominantly obtained from one plant species. For example, our Acacia Honey has been collected from the nectar of a vast expanse of jungle dense with Acacia trees. This jungle is within2 kilometer radius from the Bee Box location. 

we do not heat our honey. After harvesting honey, we do a simple straining of the harvested honey through a cloth or mesh. We filter it 3 times resulting in clear viscous honey free from wax particles. if there is small wax part or pollen which can pass through cloth mesh completely natural and safe to consume. It is neither artificially flavoured or coloured. It is procured through our own beekeeping team. This product contains no additives, is free from artificial preservatives, synthetic fillers or binders.

Acacia trees don't always produce nectar, this is rare honey. It's no wonder that acacia honey is the most selling honey because it's the most demandable honey. The unique light colour of this honey makes it a premium feel which is normally exported out of India. Now, We brings this exotic honey to you, harvested only in small batches every year in the june-july.

Uses and Benefits 

  • Best used on your desserts, breakfast, for the lightness it brings.
  • Acacia flower promotes oral health, pain relief and wound healing
  • This honey is produced by beekeeping and is produced naturally.
  • It is unheated, untreated as pure as nature make it 
  • It is single strained to retain maximum pollen.
  • It contains other medicinal elements like beeswax and propolis

Specific storage info

Store in a dry cool place .Part or full crystallization is a natural process

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