Kankrej Cow ghee

Reasons Why Cow Ghee Is the Best Health Food in India

Cow ghee, especially Kankrej Cow ghee has been in use in India since ancient times. Ghee is not just fats and has different properties. It is made after various natural processes and stages which makes it pure and organic. It is free of any adulterants as everything filters out during the process of making ghee. When milk is boiled, the cream part is separated and forms a layer over the milk.  When ghee is made at home, the cream needs to be accumulated over days and some curd is added to ferment it. Some people skip the curd and just accumulate the cream. When sufficient cream is gathered it is churned to separate butter and buttermilk. This butter is then cooked over a low flame to get the ghee.


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Cow Ghee and the Traditional Indian Diet

Cow ghee is an integral part of the Indian diet. Traditionally A2 ghee was used more during cooking and as a flavor enhancer after the cooking. Ghee is used to make various sweets like ladoo, kheer, halwa, and many more. Mouth-watering savory dishes like daal-baati and ghee-idli are made with ghee. Ghee is also used for tempering (tadka) lentils. Ghee gives a richness and mouthful flavor to the dishes it is added to.

Why is ghee better than butter and oil?

Ghee, butter and oil have some differences in which ghee stands out. Here are the points that make ghee a better option.

●       Higher smoking point

Ghee has a higher smoking point than butter and most cooking oils. The range of butter is 120°C to 150°C, for cooking oils is between 170°C to 200°C, while the smoking point of ghee is 250°C. A higher smoking point ensures that the fats are not burned before becoming sufficiently hot for cooking or tempering. It also is beneficial for preventing free radicals that damage tissues.

●       Micronutrient levels

Ghee is richer in Omega -3 and Omega 6 than butter. Omega 3 and 6 are helpful in reducing bad cholesterol while supporting good cholesterol. It has more Vitamin A and D than butter or oil.

How to Check if Ghee Is Good Quality?

There are some methods to check the quality of the ghee.

Starch test

Put iodine solution in the ghee, if it turns purple, it is adulterated with starch.

Flame test

If ghee when heated on a high flame turns brown, it is pure. If it remains yellow, it has adulteration.

Coconut oil test

When ghee is heated on a double boiler and kept to refrigerate it has two different layers, it is adulterated with coconut oil.

Why Ghee is Important to Include in your Diet

Ghee, especially Kankrej cow ghee is a powerhouse of energy. It is easily digestible and full of vitamins and minerals. It acts as an antioxidant. It is good for the skin. Ghee is not just a fat, it acts as a lubricant for joints and prevents their deterioration. All this comes with great taste and aromatic flavor.


Ghee is not just another fat used for cooking, it is a traditional fervor that makes food healthy and tasty. When ghee is made in a traditional way, it means the ghee is churned using the desi method of Bilona. It also means that the cow is treated with care and respect, and is not impregnated just to get milk. Milk is given to the calf as well so no cruelty is involved. The Cow is given healthy food suitable to the animal and not laden with artificial growth hormones. This makes Kankrej Cow ghee price higher than ghee from commercial brands.

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